venerdì 29 gennaio 2010

ReikiLife academy weekly Reiki practice

Last Monday, January 25, the students of the ReikiLife Academy once again gathered for the weekly meeting, which on this occasion was based on the way Reiki degrees are structured. Graziano Scarascia, Reiki Master and Founder of the ReikiLife Academy, provided a simple, yet clear, explanation of the reasons and motives behind the student’s decision to the step from one Reiki degree to the next. He went on to say that, for instance, when making the decision to be initiated into the second degree, the student should not only have acquired and mastered the techniques of the first degree, but he should also have gathered a clear understanding of the symbolic meaning that each degree has. He also made it clear that the different degrees in Reiki are not about acquiring any special powers but instead they are about working on developing the skills required to use all the techniques and tools in a correct way. It is only through a consistent and frequent practice that the student may experience a balanced progress through the various degrees.

venerdì 22 gennaio 2010

Sho Ten Reiki

Master Graziano Scarascia esegue, durante il tirocinio Reiki che si svolge il lunedi sera dalle ore 20.30, la tecnica base di 1° livello Sho Ten Reiki.
Sho Ten Reiki è un sistema non tradizionale di Reiki ideato dal M° Graziano Scarascia frutto della sua 20ennale esperienza con il Reiki. Lo ringraziamo per la sua condivisione.
Staff ReikiLife

mercoledì 20 gennaio 2010

1 ° and 2° level Raku Kai Reiki attunement

ReikiLife 1 ° and 2° level Raku Kai Reiki attunement at the Arcadia Beauty Farm in Naples.
ReikiLife Cifor Monday evening Master Graziano Scarascia held a at the ReikiLife HQ a technical demonstration of how to practice the BYOSEN tecnique. He also explained how and why this tecnique had a transformation and how Byosen was adabted in the occidental way to practice Reiki. It was very interesting to observe how he was able trough Byosen to find exactly where the KI-Chi was bloked in the person he treated. As well during the evening he demonstrated various exercise to perceive Ki-Chi trough hands.

giovedì 14 gennaio 2010

Sho Ten Reiki 2°level practice

Monday evening 20.30 at the ReikiLife HQ of Caserta was held the weekly Reiki Training where the second level students practiced the Sho Ten 2° level tecnics

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