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ReikiLife an intense year of Reiki
Reiki 2009-2010: The best moments spent at the Italian Training Centre for Reiki Operators. 
An intense year with the operators under the banner of Reiki and wellness.
Thanks to those who offered their cooperation and contribution in order to make the last year's course so rich in intense moments.
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Reiki at the Aesthetic and Wellness Show “Aestetica 2010”
As every year, the Italian Training Centre for Reiki Operators offered its contribution to AIOB (Italian Association of Wellness Operators) during the most representative wellness show occurring in Southern Italy. Through its operators, our Centre gave the several visitors who went at the Oltremare Exhibition Space in Naples a chance to know and try Reiki. It was really interesting to observe how people's look changed after Reiki treatment.
_Many people who didn't know the discipline grew curious about it and resulted to be ready to go deeper into the theme.
We are grateful to Daniela Lutrario, Gina Palmiero, Sabrina Zazzara and Imma Agrillo for their engagement and helpfulness.
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Reiki Self-treatment: A great act of love
Nowadays, we use the word “love” in a very easy and simple way, but it's often hard to experience and understand its deep meaning, especially if we are to refer it to ourselves. Daily life would be really lighter if everyone directed towards him/herself an immense source of love, able to put him/her in an indissoluble relation with people around him/her, in order to experience, in a very tangible way, the self as an infinitesimal spark of Universe that links to other sparks to create the Great Light or Energy of life.
With regards to this simple but profound idea, today we'll go deep into the description of one of the most important acts of love every Reiki operator is pleased to experience: the Reiki Self-treatment.
First of all, it's very hard to carve out some spare time to devote to ourselves, in a society absorbing everyone in the frenzy of life: finding ourselves in the garden of soul, sprung up on peace, tranquillity and listening, beyond any external judgement, brings us to accept ourselves, in our very essence.
It's not a simple resolution, I would say, indeed, Reiki path is rather a choice where Self-treatment is one of the essential moments of healthy growth, in which Pure Universal Energy instils itself into the Self, spreading and healing where it's necessary. Here, in this essential act of love, we experience ourselves eluding mental patterns, guilt and inadequacy feelings, human limits, accepting what we are and encountering the Divine Love Spark, a precious and silent pearl, wrapped into the inner essence of everyone of us.
In fact, it's just experiencing God in ourselves that we learn to love ourselves, and therefore we can direct outbound, that is, toward the others, true love and sincere respect.
During  Reiki Self-treatment, keeping in touch with ourselves stimulates the growth of our self-reliance, self-expression and respect for ourselves.
All that leads to the advance of awareness processes, that strengthen the organism in general and accelerate the healing processes everyone needs.
It's a unique and essential experience we wish everybody will do, even because it gives us the chance to help ourselves when we feel bad, to do an act of prevention and relaxation when we feel good, and find mental, emotional and spiritual harmony with the wonderful world in which we play an active role of love!!!
A cosmic hug of love.

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