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Review E-book "Reiki Revealed"

Reiki Revealed: Dialogues with a Reiki Master

By Graziano Scarascia and Antonio Sgueglia

E-book, 97 pages

Reiki Revealed: Dialogues with a Reiki Master is a sincere and heartfelt discussion of the heart of Reiki as experienced by Graziano Scarascia and Antonio Squeglia. The book developed after the authors decided to ask their Reiki students what they wanted to know about Reiki. The result was a dialogue with the heart of Reiki itself.

As such, Reiki Revealed goes beyond the standard definition of Reiki as a Japanese form of relaxation that promotes healing. Scarascia described Reiki as what it is, a unique, sentient energy that is felt differently by each individual. Instead of relying on an outside source to describe Reiki, he challenges students and readers to experience the amazing Universal healing energy for themselves. This encourages self-empowerment, which brings the students closer to one of the core principles of Reiki: That the connection between the individual and the Universe is the catalyst for healing.

Throughout this work, Scarascia speaks candidly and with confidence and clalrity about what Reiki is and how and why it works while reminding students and readers that human definitions are limiting. Scarascia also answers questions regarding seeing auras, Reiki and religions, the use of touch in Reiki, and many other subjects.

Scarascia’s definitions of the Reiki levels is particularly interesting. On page 20 he conveys that Reiki I is on a physical level, explaining that “The physical level is one which we confront with the materiality of things and for this reason it is fundamental to develop the awareness of our body.”

This is also a clear explanation of the ground level of awareness most people have when first becoming aware of Reiki and other energy modalities. Scarascia explains the process, that as the student learns Reiki II and Reiki Master level, their awareness can continue to grow, both inside and outside of the body.

A wonderful bonus, beginning on page 84 of Reiki Revealed, is an interview with Mikao Usui from the Reiki Ryoko Hikkei, the booklet given to the students of the Usui Ryoho Gakkai, the school founded by Sense Usui. Ending this work with the words of the founder of Reiki lends a sense of solidarity that gives Reiki Revealed yet another reason to be seen as a valuable Reiki resource.

Whether you are new to Reiki, a Reiki student or a Master, Reiki Revealed is a valuable, unique resource.
Kriss Ericson
MAC, Certified Counselor, Owner, Rising Spirals Reiki, Lightarian Level III Reiki Master, Registered Karuna Reiki (tm) Master Teacher, Crystal, Usui/Tibetan, Ra-Sheeba & Atlantean Reiki Master Teacher, Acutonics Levell II Practitioner, Reconnective Level II Practitioner, Freelance Writer/Artist/Singer, Backyard herbalist

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