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Another part of the book from the appendix 1 " What is energy?"


appendix I – what is energy?

Conversation between a student and his Master

Student: Master, what is after all this energy that heals?

Master: The energy is the source of our life and has always existed and will always exist. In fact, you cannot produce it or destroy it but only transform it. You see, in the latest analysis the energy brings with it the solutions to all the problems that along our path we have the joy to meet. We often think that the solution to a problem is the removal of it, but believe me, to think of destroying or removing a problem is pure illusion as in reality it can only be transformed.

Everything that we perceive and see is nothing but a front behind which we hide something more significant and more essential. Only if you are able to go beyond appearance it will be possible to understand the logic of the chaos. In chaos everything has been created to uniform a universal order in which each of us has our place of belonging. Everything is already predisposed in a way that the universal plan does not remain static but it is an image in eternal transformation and evolution.

Going back to the question, I want to ask you now if what pushes you to ask me your questions is in reality the need to grow, to understand and to evolve. Well, so when you talk about growth, what is that invisible force that pushes you to grow? Observe the nature and you will find all the answers about energy, or more simply look inside yourself and observe what you have become. Go back over the stages of your existence and try to understand how the inside of you has changed but, a more important thing, try to understand what has made you grow and evolve. If you observe properly you will understand what after all is the energy.

We are energy in continuous transformation. We are chickens coming from a unique source and we all have a unique and same purpose. “ to evolve in full awareness of our true nature”. You see, if you enter in the universal flow of this energy, also in your daily life everything will start to flow in a natural way. We are all canals for this energy and so it is not a privilege for a few. But, only a few, have the privilege to be aware of it. The energy hides behind everything that we do and without it we would not be here now. Without it I would not be able to speak to you and tell you what I am telling you and what I am about to tell you, but the real obstacle in the understanding of this vital phenomenon is the mind.

We always try to divide to understand and to analyze always in smaller parts to see more clearly. If we want to understand the totality, it is necessary to abandon the means of reasoning because, when we utilize this means, we can only have a partial and distorted understanding of something that, instead, needs to be understood in its integrity without mediations from our analytical mind. The great effort that we have to make is to take a jump in the dark and enter into a zone where we cannot anchor our mind, but only our heart, And it is from there that we can draw the courage to see things in another prospective, a prospective where the dual becomes global, unique and essential.

This is how the energy heals when it is able to stimulate the union where before there was division. Observe what is divided in you, draw on the energy, that rules everything, to create in you unity and wait and see lots of miracles of healing and transformation. Then and only then you will really understand what is after all the energy.

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