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Here a part of the book from the introduction "What is Reiki?"

To write something about Reiki today is not so difficult. In fact, lots of books have been written and there are lots of sites on the topic. It becomes more difficult to write something new.

Before writing this introduction about this beautiful art I asked myself, “but in truth deep down what is Reiki then?”

You know, it is not easy to describe something that should be lived in first person. I think it is necessary to experience things personally as the problems usually arise out of what are expectations are when faced with something new. I bet you have already read a book about Reiki or a friend spoke to you about it and just by chance you found yourself surfing the net and found a site about Reiki or this is the first time you have heard about Reiki and you may already have preconceived ideas.

The truth is that everyone in the universe is unique Therefore the way we see and feel things is different for each one of us. What I am writing is, in fact, the result of twenty years of personal experience with Reiki and exactly for this reason I ask you not to believe me, but to verify for yourselves, so that one day you will be able to describe your own experience.

Reiki for me is life and, as such, it is not definable in words as they are limited. This would also make the concept where it derives from limited and limiting. Reiki is in constant evolution, just like life, and so it is adaptable to all the circumstances we come into contact with. If it is in contact with me, it adapts to my peculiarities, just like it has done in my life. It is exactly in this way that Reiki transforms us and at the same time we transform it.

Once it becomes part of lives, it will surprise you, for its ability and intelligence, and how it will know, always with renewed emphasis, to create situations that will make you look into yourselves. To investigate yourselves, scrutinize yourselves and transform yourselves until you are moulded and completely renewed and along with you also the environment you live in. Only like this will it be possible for you to reach the evolution, growth and healing. Reiki is fully aware of this, but it needs your help and action to do this, it certainly cannot force you to do anything.

Reiki: universal vital energy; You see, the actual word explains to us what Reiki is. Reiki is energy that moves. Reiki is energy that makes evolution possible, the growth of things, the growth of the same life that it is impregnated into.

Reiki is universal energy because there is life in everything, even in things that seem apparently lifeless. This is why giving or receiving Reiki means to get into contact with the source where we all come from and it also means going into the life cycle.

Reiki brings about transformation by leading you to be in resonance with your sound of life, which is unique for each of us and is often ignored. Each of us has, in fact, a particular sound or frequency or energetic code that distinguishes us from others. To enter into contact with this sound is often very difficult because we tend to project it out of ourselves.

Taking the initiation in Reiki symbolically means “beginning a new action” or changing route and starting from scratch something that maybe we did against our nature. Turning to Reiki channels means opening the door to yourselves and embrace yourself after a long exile.

We discover along this path that we all have the potential to be happy. The greatest awareness is that we already possess the means to be so. “Where ever you go, you are already there”. This very beautiful phrase, taken from a book, illuminates and guides us because it is not necessary to go to a place to find happiness because it is already naturally present within us.

Reiki is therefore a journey of growth. Not of the ego or of the body. On the contrary, it is a journey of growth of the awareness of the fact that we are all waves in a immense ocean of love.

The history and the techniques are certainly important but not indispensible. To do Reiki it is simply necessary to open yourself up to life, and above all, to yourself. This is why I hope you will meet up with Reiki at some time in your life so that you can have direct experience in a way that the next time it will be you writing something new and different about this ancient art Reiki.

I would like to finish by wishing you good luck with reading this book.

Graziano Scarascia

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